Vicore is a Swedish rare disease company focused on fibrotic lung diseases and related indications

Vicore Pharma is a Swedish rare disease pharmaceutical company focused on interstitial lung diseases and related indications. The company currently has two drug development programs, VP01 and VP02.

VP01 aims to develop the substance C21 for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (“IPF”) and diffuse systemic sclerosis (“dSSc”). As a result of the acquisition of INIM Pharma AB in August 2018, the company’s pipeline expanded with a second drug development program, VP02. VP02 is based on a new formulation and delivery route of an existing immunomodulatory compound (an “IMiD”). VP02 focuses on the underlying disease and the severe cough associated with IPF. VP01 and VP02 are also being actively evaluated for other indications within the field of interstitial lung diseases which has a significant high unmet need. The acquisition of INIM Pharma meant an expansion of Vicore Pharma’s operation and a clear strategy focused on developing drugs for the treatment of rare and severe lung diseases. VP01 is currently within an extended phase I study and the start of the Phase IIa study in IPF patients is expected to commence during the second half of 2019.

VP02 is entering a phase of optimization of formulation before local tolerability studies will commence. The first clinical studies with VP02 are expected to start in 2020.

In December 2015, Vicore was listed on Nasdaq First North and the company is now working to apply for its shares to be listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq main list during the second half of 2019.