Nomination committee

The principles states that the Nomination Committee shall consist of representatives of the three largest shareholders in Vicore Pharma as of 31 August 2023 together with the Chairman of the Board .

The Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 2024 consists of Staffan Lindstrand as representative of HealthCap VII L.P., Jan Särlvik as representative of Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund, Ivo Staijen as representative of HBM Healthcare Investments (Cayman) Ltd and Jacob Gunterberg, Chairman of the Board.

The task of the Nomination Committee is to prepare and present proposals for the number of Board members to be elected by the AGM, the election of a Chairman and other members of the Board, board fees, remuneration for committee work, election of a Chairman to the Annual General Meeting, election of auditors (if applicable) and auditors fees (if applicable) and proposals for rules for the appointment of a nomination committee for the Annual General Meeting 2025.

The Annual General Meeting of Vicore Pharma Holding AB (publ) will take place on May 7, 2024. Shareholders who wish to submit their comments or submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may do so by March 8, 2024 by email to or by letter to Vicore Pharma Holding AB (publ), Kornhamnstorg 53, 111 27 Stockholm. The Nomination Committee’s proposal will be presented in the notice convening the AGM and on the company’s website