Scientific committee

The Science Committee shall consist of at least three (3) non-executive Board members with a broad scientific and medical understanding and experience in the relevant field. The Board shall appoint the members of the Committee, including the chairperson.  Vicore Pharma’s Science Committee consists of Maarten Kraan (chairman), Elisabeth Björk and Michael Buschle.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Science Committee are:

  • To review and discuss the preclinical and clinical product portfolio of the Company, including the commercial attractiveness and the ranking thereof;
  • To review and discuss the Company’s R&D strategy and to review science and technology trends that the Company believes are of significant importance;
  • To provide strategic advice and make recommendations to the ongoing R&D programs of the Company;
  • To review the (quality of) the R&D capacity of the Company and the organization thereof, including the product development process; and
  • To review and discuss the Company’s intellectual property strategies.