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Untangling the dualistic components of the RAS in PF the Yin and Yang

The Renin-Angiontensin System (RAS) has been studied for nearly 100 years, but there were some unexpected findings about it made only in the 1990s.  These findings have been the scientific foundation of much of our development work at Vicore. Vicore CMO, Rohit Batta, spoke about this journey during his presentation… Read more


The science and the rationale behind the ATTRACT study in COVID-19

It’s worth thinking about the renin-angiotensin system as a dual carriageway – in healthy states, there is a delicate balance between the classical (AT1R) and protective (AT2R, ACE2 et al) arms. Here’s a short video explaining the impact of COVID-19 on this pathway, and how the results of the ATTRACT… Read more


Report on the ATTRACT study

Vicore CMO Rohit Batta has been making progress with our ATTRACT study, which will investigate a potential treatment for COVID-19.  Here’s Rohit’s report on what’s been happening: There’s an element of serendipity in how this study came about. As the details of how COVID-19 acts on the body became known,… Read more


Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: 5 Things to Know

There aren’t that many articles written to provide a practical guide to how a pulmonologist might approach a patient with suspected IPF – the real challenges. We found this article by Dr Aaron B. Holley; it is a gem, and certainly worth a read, especially when taking standard… Read more