CEO statement

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a condition that robs patients of their ability to breathe. The associated cough can have a profound impact on the patient’s quality of life, affecting work, sleep, and personal relationships.

Following my appointment as CEO in September 2018, we made a strategic decision to dedicate ourselves to fibrotic lung diseases and to bring truly life-changing medicines to patients. This means that we listen to the patient and find out how the disease impairs their life. It is so important for us to understand and respect those experiences and to build those insights into our development programmes. This will help expedite the progress of our medicines to regulators, payers, and ultimately patients.

We are proud of our complementary pipeline. VP01 has been shown preclinically to work through multi-modal pathways, which may benefit a complex disease such as IPF. This programme is on track to start our phase II study in 2019. VP02 is a new formulation of an existing pharmaceutically-active medicine, and is currently in the experimental stage. We are on target to enter clinical development with VP02 in 2020.

Our company`s distinctive approach springs from our collaborative nature and deep roots within science, and together we will intensify our efforts to bring these transformational medicines to patients.