Two directed share issues, one comprising two million shares and the second comprising one and a half million shares, in total three and a half million shares has been performed. The total proceeds from the share issues amounts to SEK 56 million before issue costs.The subscription price has been set at SEK 16 and has been determined through a so called private placement procedure. A large portion of the new shares will be subscribed for by one of Europe’s largest and most renowned healthcare specialist investors.

Through the Share Issues the share capital will increase by SEK 1,750,000 to SEK 7,934,251.92 and the number of shares from 12 368 504 to 15 868 504.

For more information please contact:
Per Jansson, VD, +46 (0)709 174746

Nina Carlén, IR, Communication & Administration Coordinator, +46 (0)763-90 94 04